Prestipino Dental Group Patient Testimonials

Sandra Wood

5 out of 5 stars

Dr Prestipino gave me hope when noone else could; my dental woes/pain dated back many years. He's non-judgmental & patient: his skills are #1, best ever, top notch! Great staff too. I travel over 100 mi to see him.

Tim Eckert

5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Prestipino is phenomenal! When I chipped a tooth, he was able to get me in ASAP. All of his staff were courteous and professional and the intake process was a breeze! When it came time to repair the chipped tooth, Dr. Prestipino took the time to explain the process and make me feel comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to a friend!

Mary Arzt

5 out of 5 stars

If you are a particular person when it comes to your teeth and smile, Dr. P is THE go-to dentist! He is a leader in his field, always up on the latest procedures, and a world class artist when it comes to the final result. I know, because I am VERY particular and Dr P and his staff have been exceeding my expectations for over 20 years.


5 out of 5 stars

I highly recommend Dr. Tassos Sfondouris for all your restorative and surgical treatments. His knowledge and skill as a surgeon is amazing. Our son suffered a baseball accident while in middle school causing his two front teeth to be destroyed. As a military family, we moved all over the United States and never found the best treatment until we met Dr. Sfondouris. He immediately built an innovative plan to restore our son’s smile and has done what no other dentist or specialist has been able to do. Dr. Sfondouris’s attention to detail, amazing bed side manner, kindness and understanding of the patient’s psychology & desire to look handsome during his college years made a profound positive impact on our son and family. Dr. Sfondouris even took serious consideration knowing our son was a DIV 1 football player. He not only built him one custom mouthpiece but two! Dr. Sfondouris embodies everything that our Navy family stands for. He is HONORable and tells you exactly what needs to be done for the best results, he has an infinite amount of COURAGE to take every single dental case no matter the difficulty or challenge and make it a success and finally Dr. Sfondouris shows COMMITMENT to patients and their families. Again, I highly endorse Dr. Sfondouris and the Prestipino Dental Group.

Bethesda, Maryland dentist office

Christina Wusinich

5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Sfondouris is the best! He is brilliant and attentive, his work is immaculate, and the practice has cutting-edge tech so you will get a pricelessly high level of care. If you want to know more about some of the miracles he’s worked, read on! A few years ago in my early 20s, I saw a dentist who did a number of root canals and crowns for me (I’m blessed with genetically terrible teeth), all of which started to show signs of failing about a year before my first appointment with Dr. Sfondouris. At that point, my gums were a mess, my crowns didn’t fit properly, I was in a lot of pain, and couldn’t eat solid foods for a while. When I moved to the DMV area, I was referred to Dr. Sfondouris by a wonderful endodontist (s/o to Dr. Mischenko). I’ll be honest—at first I was hesitant to see Dr. Sfondouris because he’s more of a high-end periodontist, and I was very nervous about financing this endeavor. I mostly mention this for anyone with this same concern reading through reviews right now. What I wish I had known much earlier is that teeth are NEVER something you should cut corners on because you will end up paying for it later on many times over in money, pain, angst, and sometimes lost teeth. Before finally making it to his office, I had seen four dentists and two endodontists who couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Dr. Sfondouris quickly formed a hypothesis about my teeth problems and gave me a comprehensive treatment plan. Since then he’s completed a successful gum surgery (which cleared up my gingivitis), multiple crowns, and an extraction and implant placement. So far he has managed to save the three teeth that were the worst offenders and the most painful from the beginning with the gum surgery and new crowns, which all fit perfectly and look beautiful. His dental assistant Gay is also the best! She’s an expert too and has a lot of incredible experience in these procedures; she is also very compassionate and wonderful at sympathizing with the sometimes overwhelming amount of dental procedures I’ve needed. They’ve both been really kind to me and are great at keeping all of this dental work surprisingly painless. Recently, I had some of the worst dental/head/face pain I’ve ever experienced, and though it seemed to start in one tooth, it was difficult to locate it and the pain was not reliably responding to hot and cold at first and even got worse when lying down. Dr. Sfondouris is generously available over text, and it’s been a huge help to get a response, especially with this recent pain which seemed to flare up at its worst outside of office hours. With the weird presentation of pains, I really thought I was losing my mind, but thankfully Dr. Sfondouris figured out what was wrong (again!). It turned out I needed another root canal, which immediately provided a lot of relief. Dr. Sfondouris also noticed my sinus was cloudy in one of the CTs he did on my teeth and recommended I see an ENT, who discovered I had severe but treatable sinusitis. If you’ve ever experienced mysterious pains, you’ll know what a relief it is to finally get answers. I also want to mention the administrators in the office who sit at the front desk (Ellen, Jeannie, and Lorie—sorry if I missed anyone!). They are wonderful and have been so kind to me at my many appointments here! I don’t want to make it seem like Dr. Sfondouris is only appropriate for complex cases like mine; the point here is that if he can help someone with all of the teeth drama I’ve had, he can probably help you too! I highly recommend him because things will be done right the first time; as I mentioned before, getting excellent dental care—even if it’s just a crown or two—is priceless. That said, if your teeth are also weird or you’re having these kinds of issues that other dentists can’t figure out, I really can’t recommend Dr. Sfondouris enough!