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What our patients say about PDG

Debbie Fox

I have been a patient of Dr. Prestipino for almost 20 years now, and I went from being too embarrassed to smile to counting my smile as one of my best features!! In addition to being an amazingly talented dentist in the field of restoration and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Prestipino and his entire team of talented receptionists, hygienists, and assistants have always made my husband and I feel like part of their extended family. As a training executive in the hospitality industry I know something about customer service and the level of personal attention and care that Dr. Prestipino and his team deliver to each of their many patients is a prime example of exceptional, genuine, and remarkable service. I can honestly say that Art and I actually look forward to going to the dentist office when we have appointments! Who can say that?! It is not only because of the excellent dental care that we receive from Dr. Prestipino, but also because Ellen, Lorie, Jeannie, Michelle, Renee, Tina and Gay who take such wonderful care of us year after year.

Pat Newman

My dental nightmare started with another dentist going beyond his capacities and replacing every filling and inlay with an experimental type of crown. Each tooth he touched abscessed over a period of years, calling for root canals, surgeries, and new crowns. The cycle repeated itself many times and the ill fitting and extensive work caused a severe TMJ problem as my mouth tried valiantly to find a comfortable fit of these new teeth and an adjustment to the trauma. I changed to a new dentist with excellent skills, who worked with my bite and abscesses and further root canals and new crowns for several years. Finally, he could do no more, though he was very up-to-date in his own education and training, very smart and very interested in my case. He literally one day took me by the hand to Vince Prestipino’s office, explaining that Vince was the guru, teacher, innovator technician whom dentists here and elsewhere relied on to take their training to another level and solve tough problems. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Prestipino for many years now. He has done wonders for me and become a trusted friend for life. He is picky and his staff and associates as he is about his dentistry, and they are the warmest, more caring, most competent bunch I have ever run into (and I’m familiar with way more than my share of dental and medical offices). People don’t believe me when I tell them that the best part of my day was my dental visit! But how true it is, thanks to this dedicated, compassionate, phenomenally knowledgeable and fun dental practice. They stand miles above the norm. If they charged me $100,000, I’d have to find a way to pay it. But they don’t.

Cari Shane

Dr. Prestipino is not only one of the finest dentists I’ve ever met, he is one of the most thoughtful (in both emotion and knowledge), caring and down to earth individuals I’ve ever met. After a cycling accident 2 decades ago left me with poorly replaced front teeth that caused me to hide my smile, Dr. P. literally gave me the confidence to smile again. With a work ethic unmatched, a knack for precision I’ve never before seen and a tenacity to get the final product completed using the finest and highest level of technology and artistry, I am literally finally smiling again. Dr. P. has also surrounded himself with an office of equally kind, caring and knowledgeable staff. From the front office to his assistants, one can’t help but smile… and often I did, even during an appointment with a toothless grin. I would wax poetic about Prestipino Dental Group for hours if given the opportunity.

Elise Langer

Beyond being a skilled and caring practitioner, Dr. Prestipino is an artist. His technique and precision are unmatched. He has done crowns and an implant for me and the results have been far beyond any work done by my prior “Top Dentists.”

Carol W.

I love my hygienist and my dentist and look forward to my appointments with them. From the moment I arrive until the moment I leave, everyone in the practice is delightful and caring. I always have a happy experience when there and I always smile all the way home!

Candace E.

Thanks so much to Dr. Prestipino and his staff for my beautiful smile! You are the best! Replacing all of my old dental restorations has been something I’ve been putting off for years. I’m so glad I finally had it done. My mouth looks and feels fantastic! This is a great way to start the New Year.

Patient: 2012 – Present

This is truly a wonderful dentist’s office. Everyone is incredibly courteous and extremely helpful. The oral hygienists are pleasant and, more importantly, very gentle and very concerned with the well being of patients. All of this is particularly true for Dr. Ingber. He is incredibly gentle and kind. Further, he helps patients assess various options when dental work needs to be done, highlighting the pros and cons of each solution without pushing one or the other.

Lauren Hough

I actually look forward to my dentist appointments now! The office is very clean and the staff are all professional, polite and friendly. When you walk in you are always greeted with smile! They are incredibly organized and my appointments have always been right on time. The dentist and hygienist take the time to listen to my concerns and answered all of my questions. Dr. Prestipino is great! He is very good with his patients and truly cares about you. Everything in the office is up to date. Hands down the best dental office I have ever been to. I would recommend Dr. P to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Patient: 2004 – Present

I have been receiving dental treatment from Dr. Prestipino since August 2004. This includes eleven Crown Porcelains fused to Ceramic; eight implants; and all the other dental work associated with the completion of my restorations. I have been and still am very pleased with the dental work that was completed by Dr. Prestipino. He is extremely talented and I consider him the best prosthodontist in the Washington Metropolitan area. His prices are reasonable and he is very genuine, personable, caring, and gifted. I highly recommend him for anyone who requires a prosthodontist — he is the BEST.

Michael K.

I have been a patient of Dr. Prestipino for several years. He is an excellent dentist and has been instrumental in my maintaining a beautiful smile. Due to an accident, I needed implants, and Dr. Prestipino performed the procedures. He is a peer recognized expert in implant dentistry. The staff and dental hygienists are equally competent and compassionate. I recommend this practice without hesitation.

Joseph M.

I came for my scheduled cleaning yesterday. Dental hygienist Renee was as competent and gracious as ever. From the most basic procedure to the most advanced course of action–I have experienced them all–this is the best and most positive dentist office in Maryland.

Gregory M.

I very much appreciated Michele’s work generally and especially her insistence that I have a problematical tooth extracted. This was confirmed by Dr. Prestipino. Both showed concern and helped me to reach the right decision.


It took many years to search and find the best. I have done that with this group. I feel it is an honor to have this team work with me. I have the utmost respect for the commitment given to me by everyone on their staff. There are less expensive “experts” out there but when it comes to dental health, I want the best.

Ginny W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Prestipino for years, and I have watched the practice grow and change as dental technology has evolved. He has done several crowns for me. I recently broke one of my very old crowns, and found myself in Dr. Prestipino’s operatory, nervously facing the prospect of having the old crown removed, having new impressions made and waiting for a temporary crown to be made to cover the bad tooth while I waited for the permanent one to be delivered. I found myself amazed at how much this process has changed since the last time I needed a crown! I have always found Dr. Prestipino to be very gentle and he still has a magic touch when administering the Novocain, and then removing the old crown. He and his assistant had me prepared very quickly for what I thought would be the familiar, uncomfortable process of making impressions. I expected having to endure the unpleasantness of having my face stretched so that a cold metal tray filled with medicinal tasting impression material could be forced into my mouth, and then sitting for the prescribed amount of time so that it could set. Instead, the dental assistant scanned my teeth painlessly with a small instrument and I was able to watch as a 3-D impression appeared on a screen. Once she had all the information she needed to produce the impression, she explained how it worked to me. No stretching my mouth, no cold tray, no goop!!! Within minutes, the lab had produced a temporary crown that was a perfect fit and color and I was on my way long before the novocain wore off. That computerized impression was linked to the dental lab, ensuring that my new permanent crown would also be the perfect fit and color. I returned to Dr. Prestipino’s office a couple of weeks later, expecting to be in the chair for quite some time as the final crown was tweaked. The typical crown delivery appointment that I had gone thru many times before took numerous adjustments for the crown to be comfortable. With the digital technology now used in this office, the crown adjustment was minimal, saving both me and him time, and saving me discomfort and trauma. I know I will be needing another crown very soon, as I think I have cracked another old crown. As a result of this recent process, I will not procrastinate in returning to Dr. Prestipino’s office and having another crown made. My teeth are important to me, and I will continue to put my money where my mouth is, at a practice that uses the latest technology to ensure the best possible product. Thank you Dr. Prestipino and staff!

Patient: 2004 – Present

I have been receiving dental treatment from Dr. Prestipino since August 2004. This includes eleven porcelain fused to ceramic crowns, eight implants, and all the other dental work associated with the completion of my restorations. I have been and still am very pleased with the dental work that was completed by Dr. Prestipino. He is extremely talented and I consider him the best Prosthodontist in the Washington Metropolitian Area. His prices are reasonable and he is very genuine, personable, caring, and gifted. I highly Recommend him for anyone who requires a Prosthodontist-he is the BEST. 


What the dental community says about PDG

Dr. Adrian Parsegian

Chief, Laboratory of Physical Structural Biology, National Institute of Child Health and Develpments, Bethesda, Maryland. Please click on this link to read Dr. Parsegian’s personal letter of recommendation and thanks written to Dr. Prestipino.

Dr. John T. Welch

Center for Rehabilitative Dentistry. Please click on this link to read Dr. Welch’s personal letter of recommendation and thanks written to Dr. Prestipino.

Dr. Hisham Burhani

Editor in Chief, Dental Medium: A Scan of Dental Sciences, Researches & Literatures. Please click on this link to read Dr. Burhani’s personal letter of thanks written to Dr. Prestipino.

Richard Groves

Editor, Practical Periodontics & Aesthetic Dentistry (PPAD). Please click on this link to read Mr. Groves’ personal letter of thanks written to Dr. Prestipino.