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Innovative Dentistry



A small, elite group of dentistry professionals are making investments in technologies that enable them to provide treatment with more accuracy and success. Dr. Vincent Prestipino is one of these elite providers. As the leader of a team of doctors 100-percent focused on providing the best of the best, Dr. P. has built a team of doctors who are unrelenting in their drive to provide the best patient care imaginable thereby increasing with each patient the successes of breakthrough treatments while narrowing the gap of treatment failures. Prestipino Dental Group is pleased to be among the top tier of dentists who are dedicated to advancing dental science. Following are some exciting examples of the advances in restorative dentistry being made by our colleagues around the world.




Digital Impression Technology

If you’ve ever had a dental crown, dental bridge or dental braces, you probably remember what it’s like to take a dental impression: A tray filled to the brim with putty was placed over your teeth. You were told to sit very still without swallowing for several minutes as it set; you may have gagged.

Thanks to breakthrough inventions and dental impression technology, that goop and gag may be a thing of the past.

The digital impression system will allow the PDG team to design, map out and innovatively create your dental restoration on a computer, that is, make your dental impression. An intraoral scanner will take multiple pictures of your tooth and the surrounding area, compile the data and create a 3D model of your mouth in minutes. The final image is e-mailed to a technician who designs the restoration. The entire process not only cuts out the goop and gag,  but also reduces the margin of error to produce the final product, the patient’s dental restoration.





Guided Implant Surgery

Cat Scan technology (an existing standard in the field of medicine), and more recently, new Cone Beam types of scanning devices, have been developed that provide levels of accuracy and precision data collection that enable digital mapping and Virtual Treatment Planning.

We can readily visualize “slices” of jawbone anatomy, from several perspectives, and create treatment plan choices that take the best advantage of jawbone structure and integrity. This eliminates the guesswork of where and how to firmly place an implant.

Unique drilling guides are developed for an individual treatment and are based on the technical data derived from the virtual assessments. An implant guide can be developed for everything from a single tooth to an entire set of new teeth. PDG remains at the forefront in the continuing development in this exciting treatment delivery.








In-house dental laboratory

Behind every great dentist stands a great team of dental technicians and ceramists. Mr. Morty Ingber has assembled a world-class group of individuals who have surpassed the ordinary. Prestipino Dental Group also has an in-house dental laboratory where, right in our offices, we are able to create complex dental reconstructions for our patients. A true advantage over traditional dental offices, this convenience makes so many processes easier. Our experienced lab technicians will frequently consult chairside for our patients’ benefit. As our patients receive treatment, just steps away in the lab technicians and ceramists artistically match their natural teeth to the ceramic teeth they are designing.

This gives PDG unlimited access to discuss and view a patient’s specific dental issues, insuring the highest level of dental care.





  • Pretreatment view of worn and eroded teeth.
  • Final digitally milled crowns.
  • Computer scanning impression of teeth.
  • Comptuter rendering of teeth.
  • In-house CAD-CAM milling of restorations.
  • In-house final coloring of crowns.
  • Fit of crowns on digitally printed model.
  • Final digitally fabricated all-ceramic crowns.


  • Pre-treatment missing left central incisor tooth to be replaced with dental implant.
  • Pretreatment introral scanning.
  • Computer rendering of mouth.
  • Pretreatment CAT SCAN rendering.
  • Computer planning of implant placement and fabrication of surgical guide.
  • Computer rendering and fabrication of immediate temporary.
  • Digitally milled surgical guide in mouth.
  • Immediate implant-tooth replacement, day of implant placement.
  • Final implant restoration smile.


  • State of the art in-house laboratory.
  • Morty Ingber, CDT computer designing restorations.
  • In-house CNC milling machine fabricating restorations.