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Please scroll down and refer to the gallery on the right to see before and after photos for a variety of Periodontic procedures exclusively performed at Prestipino Dental Group.

The gallery includes the following procedures:

  • Gum grafting
  • Bone Grafting
  • Gum Contouring
  • Treatments for Periodontal Disease
  • Night guards/Mouth guards
  • Intra-oral anti-snoring devices









Please refer to the gallery on the right to see before and after photos of gum grafting.

A procedure that can not only improve your smile but more importantly protect teeth from the damaging effects of gum recession, gum surgery may sound worse than it is. Gum recession affects 4- to 12-percent of adults and, because it can result in tooth loss, must be treated. There are four different types of gum tissue grafts. The PDG team will assess the needs of the patient before recommending the most appropriate procedure. The PDG team will discuss with you all the options as well as the pros and cons of each technique.



Bone grafting is an excellent way to replace lost bone tissue resulting from periodontal disease, the leading cause of bone loss in the oral cavity. This versatile procedure performed under local anesthetic can not only encourage natural bone growth but also halt the progression of gum disease or make a smile more aesthetically pleasing. Additional reasons for a bone graft:

  • to correct bone defects around teeth
  • to strengthen and thicken the dental implant site
  • to fill in a ridge that has been caused by injury, birth defect or disease

The bone graft process: A small incision is made in the gum tissue and then gently separated from the bone. The bone grafting material  is placed at the affected site. There are several types of dental bone graft materials. The PDG team will assess the one that specifically meets the needs of each patient.



Please refer to the gallery on the right to see before and after photos of gum conturing.

When considering what makes a beautiful smile, most people would think only of the teeth; but, the gum is crucial, too. That’s because the gum line is a framework for your teeth. Gums are what give the mouth its shape. A beautiful smile means there is a good teeth to gum ratio: some gum should be exposed when smiling, but not too much.

A “long tooth smile” (the teeth look too long because the gums have begun to recede)  or “gummy smile” (too gum makes teeth look too short), can be corrected with cosmetic gum surgery.

If you would like to elect cosmetic gum surgery, during a consultation, the PDG team will determine whether you are a candidate based on the state of your gums and health.







Depending on the stage of gum disease, periodontal defects can be treated surgically, to restore supportive tissues, or non-surgically, to control bacterial growth, depending on the stage of disease.

Non-surgical Treatments for Periodontal Disease:

  • Dental cleaning:  A professional dental cleaning more than twice-a-year may be recommended.
  • Scaling and root planing: A deep-cleaning procedure during which plaque above and below the gum line is removed (scaling) and rough spots on the tooth root are made smooth (planing).

Surgical Treatments for Periodontal Disease: Flap surgery/pocket reduction surgery, bone grafts, soft tissue grafts and guided tissue regeneration are all surgical procedures performed at PDG by a Board Certified Periodontist.



Please refer to the gallery on the right to see images of different night guards and mouth guards.

Worn to prevent injury to teeth from grinding and sports injuries, night guards and mouth guards, respectively, can be thought of as the “protectors of teeth.” For the best form of protection  to teeth, lips, tongue, and soft tissues of your mouth, custom-fitted mouth protectors should be used by children and adults involved in contact sports such as football, boxing, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse and field hockey. Even those participating in non-contact sports (e.g., gymnastics) or recreational activity (e.g., skateboarding, cycling) that can pose a risk of injury to the mouth will benefit from wearing a protective mouth guard.



Note: All photo are the exclusive proprietary rights of Prestipino Dental Group LLC.





  • CASE 1: Pre-treatment. Inadequate gum around upper cuspids and on upper missing lateral incisor ridges.
  • CASE 1: Final all-ceramic front bridge with gum grafts.
  • CASE 2: Pre-treatment recession on lower cuspids
  • CASE 2: After treatment with gum grafts on cuspids
  • CASE3: Pre-treatment. "I have been patching my teeth over time and am unhappy about my smile".
  • CASE 3: Pre-treatment close up reveals colapsed gum tissue under false teeth of front bridge.
  • CASE 3: Final smile after gum graft in front with new fixed bridge.
  • CASE 3: Final gum graft in front with new fixed bridge close up.


  • CASE 1: Pre-treatment. "I am afraid to smile too wide because of.......................>
  • CASE 1: "This"  Pre-treatment close-up showing considerable bone and gum loss around a mistreated crown on her right central incisor tooth.
  • CASE 1: After treatment of bone and gum graft on implant right central incisor.
  • CASE 1:Patient confident in smiling again with final result.
  • CASE 2: Pre-treatment of boney ridge too narrow to receive implants.
  • CASE 2: After bone graft wide enough to receive implants.


  • CASE 1: Pre-treatment gum contours around "gummy" front teeth.
  • CASE 1: Pre-treatment gum contours around "gummy" front teeth side view.
  • CASE 1: Final gum contours around front teeth with porcelain veneers.
  • CASE 1: Final gum contours around front teeth with porcealin veneers side view.
  • CASE 2: Pre-treatment gum contours around front teeth with poor composite resin veneers.
  • CASE 2: Pre-treatment gum contours side view.
  • CASE 2: Final gum contours around front teeth with porcelain veneers.
  • CASE 2: Final gum contours around front teeth side view.


  • Boney defect between roots on molar with root canal.
  • Boney defect between roots on molar repaired.


  • Sports guards
  • Super thin night guard
  • Night guard material
  • Night guard in mouth