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Dental Care FAQ

What are your financial policies?

Fees and payment options are discussed following consultation and before treatment is provided. While we are not member providers with any Insurance plans, we help patients with obtaining benefits, provide them with all necessary claims and documents, or submit Insurance claims for patient reimbursement. Patients may contact our office and request a pre-authorization prior to making an appointment. Extended payment plans are offered through CareCredit. Once approved, you can take advantage of six to twelve months interest-free or up to 48 months with interest. Forms of payment can be made by cash, checks, and all major credit cards.


How do you work with my dental insurance?

As a fee for service practice, PDG does not accept insurance. However, we always do our best to offer assistance to our patients and discuss financial constraints and dental goals during our initial visit. We can assist patients who file claims independently by providing supporting documentation. We are also available to help with pre-determination filing.


What age range of patients do you see?

We see adolescents all the way up to senior citizens. Please note, we have wheelchair accessibility.


Why are my teeth breaking as I get older and  I have been taking care of my teeth on a regular basis all my life?

As we age, so do our teeth which become worn and brittle. Being the only biologic body part that does not replace and/or repair itself, the tooth structure breaks over time and needs repair.



Do your shots hurt?

A: No, not everyone has the same pain threshold. We discover what is your particular threshold and customize our technique to  your personalized needs, using topical numbing gels, single use silicon coated extra-thin needles, nitrous oxide. and TLC!


Do you follow the ADA in your sterilization of equipment and tools?

The American Dental Association and Centers for Disease Control have stringent procedures to protect patients and to ensure excellent, safe care. Following the sterilization guidelines and exceeding the standards enables Prestipino Dental Group to manage and prevent the spread of communicable disease. We consider proper sterilization as a key process that is paramount to our patients’ safety and care. We employ the use of disposable masks and gloves and use a new pair with every new patient. Before any procedure, operatory equipment is sterilized with antibacterial solutions. Before each dental patient’s examination and treatment, all instruments receive autoclave sterilization. For your peace of mind, all of our staff have received extensive training in the importance of using and maintaining proper sterilization.


Can I see before and after pictures of some of the type of work that I need that you did?

A: Yes, click here to go to our services portal and explore our galleries. There you will find different dentistry photos categorized and will show you great examples of the dentistry you are interested in that we did here in our office with our lab. In the web site you will also find specific information about the procedures you are interested in.


What cutting edge technology are you involved in now?

We have integrated a digital scanning impression technology directly to our in-house lab that can design and mill your crowns and bridges directly in our high-tech, 5 axis milling machine in the lab. Ask us to show you the exciting technology – it is just down the hall!

Do you have Informed Consent and Agreement forms?

Yes we have Informed Consent and Agreement forms for many of the treatments that we perform. Specific to your treatment we will present and review the appropriate consent forms.