IN 1 Dental Implants

Prestipino Dental Group introduces IN 1 Implants. For each patient, we create a customized treatment plan providing our patients Implant Dentistry in one day, in one procedure, in one office, in one safe caring environment; all by experienced Specialists.

At your first visit, we will take the time to listen to you and understand your needs.  Next, we will examine your joints, gums, teeth and take the necessary radiographs, along with photographs to aid our TEAM in creating a customized treatment plan that reflects your goals and desires.



Our Specialists at PDG will determine where and how your implant should be placed. This is completed by using a Dental CAT- Scan and Implant Treatment Planning Software to virtually place your specific implant that will allow us to precisely place your implant.  The type of implant that is chosen for you will depend on your specific dental condition.   Since our specialists are dual-trained, we will manage both the surgical and restorative (crown) phases of your dental implant treatment at our practice.



Excellent care and follow up of your dental implants and restorations are an integral part of our long term philosophy of success. Prestipino Dental Group provides experienced, well trained hygienists who can expertly help you take care of your dental health on a routine basis.



PDG has an in-house dental laboratory in our office. We can create complex dental reconstructions for our patients. This convenience makes many processes easier. Our experienced lab technicians will frequently consult chair side for our patients’ benefit. As our patients receive treatment, just steps away, lab technicians and ceramists artistically match their natural teeth to the ceramic teeth they are designing. This gives PDG unlimited access to discuss and customize a patient’s dental needs and ensure the highest level of dental care.


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