Fifty Shades of Grey (Teeth)

Fifty Shades of Grey (Teeth) 


Grey teeth are a natural discoloration that occurs to all of us as we age, some more than others. Brighter, whiter teeth can take years off of your appearance (but no guarantees on the level of excitement or romance that will result as fanaticized in the movies!) They can also boost your self-confidence, make a better lasting first impression, and help you feel secure in your smile. Keeping that smile clean and stain-free can be a difficult task. It is true that professional teeth whitening works to effectively brighten your smile, but it won’t last forever. There are several ways you can improve the longevity of this treatment.

The enamel, or outermost layer of your teeth, is actually porous. Since the enamel is porous, particles from the foods and liquids that you consume can be absorbed onto the enamel and cause dental staining. It stands to reason that if a food stains your lips or tongue, it is likely to stain your teeth. However, this may not always be the case. It is best to try to avoid the top foods and drinks that can cause dental staining. If you want your whiter, brighter smile to last, it is time to pay attention to what you eat and drink.



Italian food, Indian food, and Chinese food are all delicious. They are also common causes of dental staining. This is because the sauces used are highly pigmented. Think twice before ordering the marinara, curry, and soy. Instead try creamy sauces and be sure to brush and rinse your teeth after enjoying these delicious foods.


Grapes, cherries, cranberries, blackberries, and blueberries are all beautiful and delicious. They are also deeply colored. They come in jams, pies, juices, and salads. They also are one of the leading causes of tooth discoloration. It may prove impossible to completely avoid berries, so if you do end up having them just be sure and follow up with a thorough brushing, rinse or chew a stick of xylitol containing chewing gum for 5 minutes.


Brightly colored chewing gum, popsicles, hard candy and other sweets often contain teeth-staining agents. It may be fun when your tongue turns blue, but it is a good chance your teeth could be permanently changed by these pigments. Avoid regularly sucking or chewing on these kinds of treats.


It may be hard to get your day started in the morning without your usual cup of Joe, but both coffee and tea can cause dental stains. Even white or herbal tea can wear away the enamel, making the surface even more porous. In fact, a recent study by the New York University School of Dentistry discovered that tea can cause even more stains than coffee. For the sake of your smile, it is best if you steer clear of both. But if you are like us, and you need that cup in the morning to get going, either brush right after or keep some xylitol chewing gum close by and immediately chew it for 5 minutes after you finish the cup of Joe to help reduce the stains.


Red wine is another of the leading beverages that stains teeth. It is not only a highly acidic beverage, but it also contains chromogens and tannins that will quickly darken even the whitest smile.


These beverages are both acidic and chromogen-rich, especially the darker colas. This is the worst combination for your teeth. These drinks can lead to significant staining as well as severe dental erosion and decay. It might be time to reconsider that bottle of pop you always keep on your desk at work, and replace it with a fresh, healthy bottle of plain old water.