Innovations in Professional Teeth Whitening and Cleaning

Cleaning and Professional Whitening in One Visit

The role of the hygienist as part of your dental health care is more important than ever before. The hygienist must stay abreast of the ever-changing technologies in the dental field to work in concert with your dentist. One example of this is Professional Teeth Whitening. What time is better than now to have your teeth whitened right after your teeth have been cleaned!   As such, a hygienist can educate patients on the plethora of whitening options as well as assessment of whitening candidacy for every patient.

Innovations in Professional Whitening

Innovations in bleaching technologies allow whitening agents to be topically applied to the teeth right at the time of your hygiene visit. The product is Phillips ZOOM Quick! Pro Whitening Varnish. The best time to maximize your whitening results are right after the teeth have been cleaned. Your teeth can be whitened in just 15 minutes. The whiting agent is topically applied on the teeth, then sealed and in just 30 minutes your teeth may be up to 4 shades brighter! Another benefit of this technology is that this product contains fluoride, which acts as a desensitizing agent as well, and has an “anti-cavity” effect by remineralizing the enamel. This benefits patients who exhibit tooth sensitivity during the traditional bleaching process.

As whitening technologies have advanced, the hygienists at Prestipino Dental Group will be key to incorporate this esthetic service. The opportunity to pair whitening and optimal oral health takes advantage of an individual’s desire to look their best! The role of the dental hygienist is strategic and important to the success of whitening programs at Prestipino Dental Group.